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Rebel Diamonds EP

by Secret Friends

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These four tracks are dedicated to peace, love, God, you, and the hope that this music will spread all of these things in a decent manner.


released January 25, 2013

Adam Reid - vocals, percussion and samples, korg r3, piano
Produced by Adam Reid
Recorded at SecretShadowPad Studios in Birmingham, AL.



all rights reserved


Secret Friends Nashville, Tennessee

ur Secret Friends r n ur head.


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Track Name: Cells!

Basis of all life
Structure so complex
In perspective, so simple
There is always something new

Walls for every cell
Except for Animalia
Supports the cell
Does not allow for movement

Membrane containing proteins
Made of two layers
Of phospholipids
Which are selectively permeable

Inside this membrane
Are proteins --
They act as channels
To let larger particles in and out

Ribosomes assemble proteins
Nucleus contains the cell's DNA
Endoplasmic Reticulum assembles lipids,

Adrift in cytoplasm

Golgi body modifies/sorts/packages proteins
For storage, or for transport
Vacuole stores water/food/waste/etc.
Lysosomes contain enzymes to
Break down
Molecules/recycle cell parts

Adrift in cytoplasm

Nucleolus assembles ribosomes
Chloroplast converts
Sun energy to chemical energy
Mitochondria convert
Chemical energy to useful energy

Adrift in cytoplasm

Flagella and Cilia provide

Passive transport requires no energy
Moving from high to low concentration
There are 3 kinds:
Osmosis (water)
Facilitated diffusion

Active transport requires energy
Moving from low to high concentration
There are 2 kinds:
Endocytosis -- entrance
Exocytosis -- exit

Interphase: the cell grows and gains nuetrients
Those for mitosis and DNA duplication
Mitosis: the cells splits
Into two daughter cells
Cytokinesis: the new cell has formed
And life goes on and on
Track Name: There Was A Hint Of Sadness In His Voice
constant consumption
has led me to wonder
if I'm ready
for any of this

I'm dying of death
and other things
that make life hard
to deal with


you're too busy


oh, tiny angel
beaten by the streets
and tossed in the gutter
alongside a road
whose trucks' tires grind
our heals like medicine to dust

oh, tiny angel
given to the wolves
to be devoured and spit up
oh, you can't survive here
small and feeble thing
reduced to ashes
and the animalistic traits
of the society you were murdered by
Track Name: The Truth In You
People say I'm crazy about you
What am I really though?
I waited
I watched
I analyzed
Like I always do

And I'm better for it, aren't you?
Cause I feel like we are
It's hard, though
I'm pressed
I fantasize
Like I always do

Am I your dream?
I'm not sure you're mine
Am I a prayer answered?
Now, that I can find
I can find truth in just about anything
But can I find the truth in you?
Track Name: Somm-thing
Truth, truth, truth
My, myself
What really is the subject?
The purpose to these words?
Here's how words play in my head:
repeat t t okay no I - okay I'm so sorry see now I'm acting again - intentions - as I look about the room.... is overshadowed by: these people hate me - they don't know me - they think they do - you don't know that - and what if I got up and spoke & defended - defended what? they said nothing - oh they think it

So, if my mind skirts about so aimlessly,
That explains why my words do the same

critititicism ticism sm

So, if I must repeat t t my, myself
What use is it tto hear r?

Is it because I feel they won't listen?

(going inside
forcing my, myself
back ck ck out t)
look at as I listen here the words ring to

Is there then purpose to anything I write
If all it does is ramble on?

Why can't I just be myself?
Is that ever enough?
Is it a door to the unknown
(foggy, blank, formless)
world before me?

They tell me to study insects
They tell me to look far back
They say, "To look back is to know how to move forward."

What a formula!
Mathematics joins us!
Look back to move ahead!

what? no!
In order to successfully disrupt the cyclical movement of "time," we must look forward and only forward, forever picturing the prize, the land, the future as we want it, or we shall never get there.